Noel Maghathe is a queer, mixed Palestinian-American performance artist and curator. They create and perform with queer functional tools to navigate the world, and their practice centers on their Palestinian heritage. Through their work, Maghathe seeks to educate audiences about the pain of occupation and their yearning for their country while also delving into the deeper dimensions of personal identity beyond surface-level labels. Maghathe values connecting with other Palestinian and Arab artists in our homelands and in the diaspora.

Maghathe holds a BFA from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where they were awarded the Stephen H. Wilder Traveling Scholarship in 2017. In 2022, they exhibited their work at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, Pancake House Gallery, Maelstrom Collaborative Arts, and more. Maghathe was also selected as Curator-in-Residence at CUE Art Foundation in 2023, where they curated, A thought is a memory, and Wave Pool Gallery in 2022, where they curated Amid. They are currently Curator-in-Residence with Roots & Culture Contemporary Arts Center. Currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Maghathe continues to create work in their studio.

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